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Members, Enjoy Winter Walking in the Garden

Garden in the Woods is closed for the season, reopening on Saturday, April 16, for members and on Sunday, April 17, for the general public. Meanwhile, Native Plant Trust personal members may enjoy Winter Walking by reservation. 

Explore the Garden in its most peaceful season:  Monday–Friday, 10 a.m.–4 p.m., excluding holidays. Please call 508-877-7630 ext. 3801 or 3104 to reserve your time slot. 

Want your walking buddy to join you? Give them a membership.

Photo: Leaves in frost,  Pixabay

Chamaecyparis thyoides buds - Bruce Patterson

Apply Now for Conservation and Horticulture Internships

Our Horticulture Department offers three, full-time, six-month internships at our two locations. Applications are due on February 1 for the two horticulture internships at Garden in the Woods, and on January 31 for the propagation and horticulture internship at Nasami Farm nursery. See detailed descriptions and application instructions on this page.

Our Conservation Department offers three, full-time internship positions, two for 25 weeks each and one for 13 weeks. The application deadline for all conservation internships is February 6, 2022. Detailed descriptions and application instruction

Photo: Atlantic white cedar (Chamaecyparis thyoides) buds, ©Bruce Patterson


Our 2022 Plant List Is Up!

Ready to make the leap from garden dreaming to garden planning? Start preordering your plants right now, using our 2022 plant list. You can also preorder our popular Pollinator Kits and Plant Collections. If you're a Native Plant Trust member, your membership discount applies.

Photo: Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis), ©Lisa Mattei

Michael Piantedosi in Whites

Register Now for Our 2022 Botany Story Slam

Listen to some of the region’s top botanists, horticulturists, and fellow plant geeks share their most riveting and hilarious tales from the field at our one-of-a-kind event on Saturday, February 26, 2022, 6-8 p.m. At present, we plan to hold the Botany Story Slam live at Garden in the Woods and also stream it virtually for remote attendance. Register now to hold your seat.

Photo: Director of Conservation Michael Piantedosi living the botanists's dream in the White Mountains, ©Native Plant Trust

Nasami garden plant seedlings

Give a Membership

All signs to the contrary, we're hurtling toward the vernal equinox—and gardening season. Share the joys of spring—including discounts on native plants and early access to plant shopping—by giving Native Plant Trust memberships to your friends and family members. 

Photo: Nasami Farm seedlings ©Native Plant Trust

spruce-fir habitat cover image PDReport

Read Our Groundbreaking Report on Plant Diversity

Conserving Plant Diversity, a report produced by Native Plant Trust and The Nature Conservancy, provides a scientific framework and detailed roadmap for conservation action and land protection at all scales. To save plant diversity—and thus overall biodiversity—in New England as the climate changes, we need to conserve another 2.3 million acres of climate-resilient land, the report concludes. It also identifies which areas are priorities in each of the six New England states. Explore the Plant Diversity Report.

Photo: Spruce-fir habitat, Michael Piantedosi ©Native Plant Trust