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Updated announcement about COVID-19 and our Public Programs 

Out of an abundance of caution for the health and safety of our students, Native Plant Trust is currently conducting educational programs in online formats only. Most programs originally scheduled to take place in person are prepared to transition to an online format. Staff will determine and announce format changes one month in advance of each program's date. Thank you for navigating this new learning journey with us.

Want to learn which plants feed which pollinators? Polish up your tree-ID skills, or wade into wetlands science? Or maybe you'd like to introduce your kids to the "superpowers" of plants. You'll find these and other topics among the nearly 200 classes and field studies we offer each year—an important contribution to plant-science education as universities prune their botany curricula.

We partner with leading organizations throughout the region, from Historic New England to the Ecological Landscape Alliance to Maine Audubon to offer more public programs—classes and field studies—in all New England states. Our programs integrate current research and best practices in native plant botany and conservation, sustainable landscape design, and ecological gardening. Join us at Garden in the Woods and other locations throughout New England, including those of our partner organizations. 

Can't take a course in person? Check out our expanding line-up of webinars and online courses by typing "webinars" or "online" in the search field at the top of any page. And wherever in New England you find yourself, you can use Go Botany to identify the plants you encounter.

An anonymous donor is now sponsoring a challenge match to support native plant classes and field studies throughout New England. Our donor will match your donation dollar for dollar, so your gift supports twice as much native plant education. Please click the button below to donate now!

Attention, teachers in Massachusetts: At Garden in the Woods, we're offering an engaging set of school programs tied to state curriculum standards! 

For best results with our registration links, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser.

Pile Up Professional Credits

Many of our programs qualify for continuing education units (CEUs)

The following organizations allow selected Native Plant Trust programs to qualify for CEUs in horticulture, forestry, agriculture, and related professions:

Accredited Organic Land Care Professionals (AOLCP)

Continuing Forestry Education (CFE)

Massachusetts Certified Horticulturist (MCH) 

Massachusetts Certified Landscape Professional (MCLP)

*Programs receive 1/4 MCLP credit for every class hour completed.

Massachusetts Certified Arborist (MCA)

Society programs may also qualify for credits with the following organizations:

Learn Online With Us!

Explore these four ways to learn online with us

  • Sign up for one or all four of our online courses: Plants 101 (Introduction to the Green World). Check back Plants 102 (Deeper into the Green World), Designing with Native Plants, and Gardening for Pollinators. These rich courses offer multiple (fun) ways to participate, including the opportunity to leave your computer, head outdoors to interesting places, and learn more from a professional botanist or by exploring a recommended public garden. You can sign up for the class up to one week before the class ends. 
  • Join us for webinars on a host of topics, scheduled throughout the year: Just type "webinar" in the search field at the top of any page. If you’re a member, you get free, anytime access to a suite of on-demand webinars. Enrolled in a certificate program? Take three live webinars to earn one elective certificate class .
  • Start learning about the plants around you anytime with our free, online plant identification tool, Go Botany. This botanical database holds complete information on all 3,500 plant species, native and non-native, in the New England landscape. Trace your species through range maps, photos, and detailed botanical descriptions and drawings. 
  • Gardeners and designers, both amateur and pro: Check out our free, online Garden Plant Finder to find the right plant for your ecoregion, soil type, and other specifics of your site, as well as the desired height, color, and other characteristics. 

Developing online courses takes time, expertise, and funding. Click here to support the development of more online offerings to reach learners in all corners of New England. 

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Tracking credits for a certificate? Look up credits you earned in previous classes in back issues of the catalog on our certificates page. Can't find your credits? Email us to check for you.


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We were using the technology even before the COVID-19 pandemic, and now most of our education programs are online. So, wherever you live, you can keep on learning.

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