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Passionate about native plant conservation, horticulture, or botanical education?

Native Plant Trust welcomes your skills and enthusiasm! We provide a collaborative, congenial atmosphere for our employees at our headquarters and botanic garden, Garden in the Woods, in Framingham, MA, and at our native plant nursery, Nasami Farm, in Whately, MA. See the green boxes below for descriptions of open positions.

We also provide rewarding internships in our Conservation, Horticulture, and Public Programs departments. Our internships offer opportunities to get your hands dirty (literally) while gaining valuable experience. Scroll down the page to learn about the internships available for the next year. 

Want to volunteer with us? Volunteers fill crucial roles in all aspects of our work. Read about our Plant Conservation Volunteer program here and our other volunteer opportunities here

Native Plant Trust is an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer. We value diversity and consider all applicants for employment without regard to race, color religion, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law. 

Job Openings

About Native Plant Trust

We are the nation’s first plant conservation organization and the only one solely focused on New England’s native plants. We save native plants in the wild, grow them for gardens and restorations, and educate others on their value and use. We are based at Garden in the Woods, a renowned native plant botanic garden that attracts visitors from all over the world. From this flagship property in Framingham, Massachusetts, 25 staff and many of our 1,500 trained volunteers work throughout New England each year to monitor and protect rare and endangered plants, collect and preserve seeds to ensure biological diversity, detect and control invasive species, conduct research, and offer a range of educational programs. Native Plant Trust also operates a nursery at Nasami Farm in western Massachusetts and manages six sanctuaries in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont that are open to the public. Native Plant Trust is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity. All employment is decided on the basis of qualifications, merit, and business need. 

  • RFP: Senior Software Engineer

    Project Description

    Native Plant Trust seeks proposals from experienced and highly skilled senior software engineers to complete the design, development, and implementation of a database and web interface used by staff and approximately 500 volunteers to manage botanical information collected from the field. 

    The Species Rare Occurrence Utility (SPROUT) contains data on rare plant populations, rare plant species, landowners, surveyors, seed bank holdings, and field survey forms. SPROUT will enable surveyors to enter field observations and will support data exchanges with Natural Heritage programs in the six New England states. 

    Native Plant Trust has built an initial version of SPROUT. The senior software engineer will review, redesign (as necessary), and create a production version. The current status of SPROUT is:

    • The database has been designed and developed; it contains approximately 90 tables and more than 1,000,000 rows of data. The database is normalized, with minor exceptions. Microsoft SQL Server is the current database management system.  It is anticipated that the database will require a few changes.
    • An ASP.NET webforms website has been built; it contains approximately 190 web pages. The site uses standard .NET components heavily, which do not always support the ideal user interface. The code-behinds are simple and are written in C#. Most pages rely heavily on SQL queries or views to produce the data needed by the web page. Some of the queries and views are complex. It is anticipated that the website will require the majority of the effort in this project.
    • There is documentation for the website (description of each page) and database (data model, data dictionary, and supporting materials), and there is a document listing the additional required development tasks.
    • An early task for the senior software engineer will be to assess if SPROUT should move to different web and database platforms.
    • Additional capabilities in future phases will add geographic information system (GIS) capabilities, and support for a wider range of user devices. These capabilities are not included in the current RFP.
    • An appendix with screen captures of general parts of the database can be downloaded here.

    In developing the user interface, the senior software engineer will coordinate with Native Plant Trust’s graphic designer to ensure that SPROUT meets the organization’s branding guidelines (e.g., font, color scheme, graphics, etc.).

    Project Schedule

    • Native Plant Trust seeks a full- or near-full-time consultant to develop the project over no more than nine months.
    • After the development phase, continued consulting to maintain SPROUT once in production use is desired.
    • Applicants should address availability for the project in their responses.

    Project Staffing

    • The consultant will be the lead software engineer and must have a strong ability to work independently.
    • Applicants may propose one or more additional team members as part of their response, with an explanation of their role(s).
    • In addition, the senior software engineer will be supported by in-house IT and botanical staff and must coordinate with the in-house graphic designer to meet branding standards for the visual design.
    • The ideal applicant will continue to support the SPROUT database and website once in production use. Availability for continued maintenance and support of the project will be factored into the selection process. 

    Skills and Qualifications

    Native Plant Trust seeks a consultant with:

    • Extensive experience in database and web development.
    • A strong working knowledge of the Microsoft.NET and SQL Server environments.
    • A strong working knowledge of any proposed alternative web and database platform. 
    • Strong experience in placing a system into production status (including troubleshooting and debugging). 
    • Extensive experience in user-interface design, with a focus on clarity and ease of use. The SPROUT user interface can have a plain visual appearance, but it must support staff and volunteers well.
    • Ability to work with an existing design and implementation, which are to be reviewed and possibly re-implemented on a new platform. 
    • Possession of good communication skills, adherence to good software process (such as agile or test-driven development), and focus on creating a high-quality implementation. 

    Application Process

    If interested, please contact Micah Jasny, Botanical Coordinator ( to arrange for obtaining documents pertaining to SPROUT. Once applicants have reviewed project documents, they may schedule an optional 30- to 60-minute meeting with staff to discuss the project. Following this review and/or meeting, please submit a proposal containing all the required information, as outlined below. 

    Proposal Requirements

    Please include in your proposal:

    • Resume and description of successful work on similar projects
    • Proposed approach to completing the project, and any questions
    • Proposed staffing and schedule
    • Costs, including hourly rates and projected total cost to completion, plus estimated costs for ongoing maintenance

    Applications are due by Monday, March 15, 2021.

    Native Plant Trust is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity. All employment is decided on the basis of qualifications, merit, and business need.

  • Seasonal Visitor Center/Shop Associate

    Native Plant Trust seeks seasonal associates for our Garden Shop and Visitor Center at Garden in the Woods in Framingham, MA. Responsibilities include welcoming and orienting members and visitors; processing admissions, memberships, and tours; selling plants and merchandise; maintaining Shop appearance; and providing excellent customer service. This position offers the additional opportunity to learn about native plants and participate in educational classes.


    The successful candidate will demonstrate excellent communication and organizational skills, have a strong desire to learn, and have the ability to work well independently. S/he must also be comfortable working on a point-of-sale system and handling cash. In addition, s/he should enjoy working with customers and must be committed to providing outstanding customer service. Botanical interest and knowledge of New England native plants are a plus.

    Part- to full-time position that starts in early April 2021 and ends in late October 2021. Shifts are normally 6 hours. Weekend work is required. This associate reports to the Retail Manager.

    Responsibilities include:

    • Assisting Garden visitors, customers, members, and; processing sales; answering questions; selling memberships 
    • Coordinating visitors with tour guides 
    • Performing opening and closing point-of-sale procedures
    • Maintaining store appearance and replenishing merchandise, food, and beverages as needed
    • Receiving merchandise shipments; pricing and placing merchandise
    • Assisting in plant sales area as needed
    • Helping with initial retail setup in spring and with inventory in the fall
    • Acting as an ambassador for Native Plant Trust

    To apply

    Email a resume, cover letter, and list of three references to:

    Noni Macon, Retail Manager
    Native Plant Trust

    Native Plant Trust is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity. All employment is decided on the basis of qualifications, merit, and business need.  

Annual Conservation Internships

Our Conservation department offers three, full-time internship positions, two for 25 weeks each and one for 13 weeks. The application deadline for all conservation internships is January 31 of the current year. The 2021 internships have been filled. We will post detailed descriptions of 2022 positions and application instructions in December 2021. 

Annual Native Plant Horticulture Internships

Our Horticulture department offers three, full-time, six-month internships at our two locations. Applications are due in February for internships at Garden in the Woods and in January for the internship at Nasami Farm nursery. The 2021 internships have been filled. We will post detailed descriptions of 2022 positions and application instructions in December 2021.