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Garden in the Woods Curtis Woodland Path, UL

Garden in the Woods , Nasami Farm, and Sanctuaries Are Open, No Appointments Needed

With COVID restrictions lifted, visitors may enjoy Garden in the Woods without purchasing tickets in advance. Visitors paying admission and members just need to check in at the Visitor Center. Plant shopping at the Garden and at Nasami Farm no longer requires an appointment.

Native Plant Trust sanctuaries in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont are open for your enjoyment. All three states have lifted the mask mandate for outdoor spaces, if you are able to stay six feet away from people not in your household. Please avoid crowding at popular sites and also observe the rules to protect the plants.

Photo: Garden in the Woods, Curtis Woodland, Uli Lorimer ©Native Plant Trust


Tour Garden in the Woods Online

Garden in the Woods, our native plant botanic garden in eastern Massachusetts, is beloved by many far-flung Native Plant Trust members and other would-be visitors who find it challenging to travel here. With you in mind, we have created an online tour of Garden in the Woods, which includes a side trip into the Garden's celebrated collection of Trillium species. If you do visit the Garden in person, you can download the tour on your phone and use it as a guide as you explore.

Photo: Running groundsel (Packera obovata), Uli Lorimer ©Native Plant Trust

Pararchytas decisus on Clematis virginiana_UL

Check This Season's Plants before You Shop

We are ready for gardening season with an extraordinary selection of native perennials, grasses, shrubs, and trees to support our native insects, birds, and other wildlife. Download the 2021 Native Plants Price List on our Buy Native Plants page. We regret that our Pollinator Kits are currently sold out, but you may add your name to a waiting list on the Buy Native Plants page.

Photo: Virginia virgin's-bower (Clematis virginiana), ©Native Plant Trust

Cayte McDonough collecting seed Ilex glabra

A Farewell Chat: Nasami Farm's Nursery Manager Retires after 20 Years with Native Plant Trust

Before she retired at the end of March, Cayte McDonough shared highlights of her inspiring career with Native Plant News. Learn how Cayte switched careers to follow her lifelong passion for plants, what it takes to grow plants from known-ecotype seed, how Native Plant Trust came to move its nursery to Nasami Farm, and more. Read Cayte's interview here. Want to make a donation in honor of Cayte? Click here.

Photo: Cayte McDonough collecting seed from inkberry holly (Ilex glabra), ©Deb Donaldson

Fragaria vesca - woodland strawberry

Native Plant Trust in the News

WRSI-FM's Local Hero Spotlight interviews Nasami Farm Nursery Manager Alexis Doshas about how native plants support the whole ecosystem and pollinators, insects, and birds. And features Garden in the Woods in a tour of Massachusetts' most magical places. In a recent podcastNew York Times contributing garden writer Margaret Roach chats up Director of Horticulture Uli Lorimer about the alluring tease of trilliums, as well as what's so special about the Trillium species at Garden in the Woods. You can also read the transcript.

Photo: Woodland strawberry (Fragaria vesca), Dan Jaffe ©Native Plant Trust


Membership Benefits in Bloom

This is a wonderful time of year to enjoy the benefits of a Native Plant Trust membership—discounts on plants at our Garden Shops and in partner nurseries throughout the region, to start with. Read about more member benefits here.

Photo: Flame azalea (Rhododendron calendulaceum) ©Native Plant Trust