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Mertensia virginica by Uli Lorimer

Native Plant Trust COVID-19 Update

As we all take steps to slow the spread of the coronavirus, it will come as no surprise that we must postpone the mid-April opening of Garden in the Woods and the late-April opening of Nasami Farm's Garden Shop. We cannot yet announce new opening dates with certainty, so please check back often.

We know that you can’t wait to get back into your gardens and start planting. Until we can help you in person at our Garden Shops, we have a few ways to help you select and get plants while respecting safety guidelines. For details, visit our Buy Native Plants page.

You can still access our education programs, as we’ve moved most of them online. Go to our Classes & Field Studies page for more information and to register. We will email registrants of changes and update our registration pages. We will continue to reschedule events and programs at partner locations as needed. 

While the next few weeks will be hard on all of us, we can use the situation to build community in new ways. And we’ll be that much happier to see each other in person when the time comes.

—Debbi Edelstein, Executive Director

Photo: Eastern bluebells (Mertensia virginica), Uli Lorimer ©Native Plant Trust

Spring Ephemerals

Winter Walking Has Ended Early

To our members: We ended Winter Walking at Garden in the Woods for our members on March 16, rather than on March 27 as scheduled, in compliance with state public-health advisories. 

Getting outside to enjoy fresh air and the beauty of plants is especially valuable in these stressful times, and we hope you can find places to walk that allow you to keep safe social distance. Please check back often for updates about a new Garden opening date.

Photo: Trilliums (Trillium spp.) ©Native Plant Trust

Dicentra eximia three.jpg

Preorder Plants for Safe-Distance Pick-up

Your garden dreams will soon come true—and we have done some reconnoitering to help get you the plants you want while following public safety guidelines. Please see our Buy Native Plants page for new instructions about how to preorder and safely pick up this season's plants. You'll also be able to download this year's plant availability and price lists in two different formats and find other tools to select the right plants for your place.

Nasami garden plant seedlings

Questions about COVID-related Changes?

Please don't hesitate to call or email us if you are wondering about the status of activities, events, classes, or hours. Here are the contacts for our chief public offerings:

  • Garden in the Woods opening: 508.877.7630 x 3001 or 
  • Garden Shops & Plant orders (Garden in the Woods & Nasami Farm): 508.877.7630 x 3209 or 
  • Public Programs: 508.877.7630 x 3303 or 
  • Membership: 508.877.7630 x 3104 or

Photo: Seedlings at Nasami Farm nursery ©Native Plant Trust

Lupinus perennis-short crop

Public Programs Challenge

An anonymous donor is challenging you to support Native Plant Trust's public programs—the classes, field studies, symposia, and educational special events we offer throughout the region to raise awareness about the importance of native plants. For a limited time, our generous donor will match your gift dollar for dollar, so use this opportunity to increase your impact. Donate now to our Public Programs Challenge Match, and your gift will support twice as much native plant education. 

Photo: Sundial lupine (Lupinus perennis), Dan Jaffe © Native Plant Trust

Nesting Robin-George McLean

Feed Birds by Planting Natives - Read Our Popular Article Here

Christopher Leahy's story in the Winter 2019 issue of Native Plant News describes how to keep your favorite birds happy by creating a backyard habitat filled with their favorite native plants. By popular request, and with his permission, we are featuring his full story here. To read the print version, which contains more photographs, download the Winter 2019 issue.

Photo: Nesting Robin, ©George McLean