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Members’ Open House at Nasami Farm
(Individual or higher level personal membership)
Friday, April 26, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
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Why Are Some Plants Rare?

We see many sugar maples and Canada-mayflowers throughout New England, but relatively few Lapland rosebays or Wright's spikesedges. In this talk, we will examine the primary reasons certain plant species become rare in the landscape, both in New England and beyond.

Our Dynamic Flora

This class will cover the criteria botanists use to determine whether plants are native to a region or introduced. Research botanist Arthur Haines will explain the shortcomings of each criterion to help explain the need for using suites of criteria. Given that flora constantly changes, static benchmarks are problematic. The class will also include a brief discussion of global biodiversity and the problem of human-centric viewpoints.

Sustainable Seed Collection of Common Native Species

Join Michael Piantedosi to explore the world of ex-situ conservation and seed collection methods. We'll discuss the process for collecting native New England seeds in the wild and methods for maintaining a sustainable harvest without harming extant populations.

State Plant Communities

Each New England State has many different plant communities. In these webinars, we discuss their distinguishing characteristics and explore the common species. This series offers a great overview of the diverse flora of New England:


New Hampshire



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