Native Plant Trust


Thursday, February 9, 2023

Native Ground Covers

Native ground covers are the workhorses of vibrant, multi-layered landscapes, offering a rich alternative to monoculture lawns. These low-growing plants form a vital living mulch that protects and enriches soil, and their beautiful tapestry of foliage, blooms, and berries offers a long season of interest to people and pollinators. Anna will talk about how to incorporate native ground covers into urban green spaces, around residential settings, and along roadsides. You will come away with ideas to fuel your winter design projects and spring planting choices, including inspiring combinations that can make landscapes more attractive, climate-resilient and beneficial to wildlife.

Please note: We do not make video or audio recordings of classes or programs available after the fact, because we believe education is interactive, with instructors and students building a community and culture of learning. Some programs may be recorded strictly for instructor-training purposes.

Date/time detailsFebruary 9, 2023, 1-2 p.m.
LocationLive virtual
Program codeBOTW518
Feemembers $12/nonmembers $15
InstructorAnna Fialkoff
CertificateElective: Basic and Advanced, Botany